De Beers opens new flagship store in London

Rob Bates

De Beers Jewellers, the diamond giant’s retail chain, has opened up a new flagship store at 45–50 Old Bond Street in London.

Old Bond Street was the home of De Beers Jewellers store, which opened in 2002.

The two-floor, 250-square-meter location has been completely redesigned, so it now has a transparent storefront and a mixture of open spaces and intimate areas.

A new lighting system, designed for the De Beers flagship, brings out the fire, light, and brilliance of each diamond. The second floor includes an experiential area that allows customers to interact with De Beers’ brand and history through digital features and an exhibition space. It includes the story of how N.W. Ayer copywriter Frances Gerety came up with the tagline “A Diamond Is Forever” in 1947 and how diamonds became a symbol of love.

The new concept emphasizes natural diamonds and sustainability. It includes information about how diamonds are found and how they can benefit local communities. Its construction has been designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements, which provide verification of an independent’s green features. The De Beers store in Chengdu, China, which opened earlier this year, has earned the gold certification.

There will also be a VIP room for viewers to examine its rarest diamonds. Among the stones that will be on display.

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Source JCK Online