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Buccellati, Prince of Goldsmiths

Buccellati is holding a major retrospective in Venice to showcase its heritage, history and craftsmanship.  “The Prince of Goldsmiths, Rediscovering the Classics” Oficine 800 – Venice, April 18 to June 18, 2024 The entire Venice exhibition is dedicated to Buccellati’s “classics”, featuring over 200 jewelry and goldsmith pieces that represent the unique styles and skills […]

The Lowdown on Lab-Grown Diamonds

As synthetics gain ground in jewelry collections and the minds of consumers, Rapaport Magazine takes a look at some of the latest developments in this product category. Testing the waters The diamond industry is undergoing a significant and transformative shake-up. With a major dip in natural-diamond prices, many companies have either diversified their operations to […]

Beyond Rounds: What’s Trending on the Fancy-Cut Market

Ovals, emeralds, cushions and pears are some of the top alternatives for today’s customers. Wholesalers and manufacturers often describe their inventory as rounds and fancies, with the latter being a catch-all for non-round shapes. In the market for colorless natural diamonds, the increased popularity of fancy cuts reflects the way styles are being promoted today. […]

Indian Lab-Grown Diamond Manufacturers Keep Growing

A combination of factors is driving growth in the industry despite the precipitous drop in prices across the board. Mumbai—India, which has for long worn the mantle of the world’s largest manufacturer of polished natural diamonds, is well on its way to becoming the largest grower and manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds.  The country’s growing capacity […]

Zimbabwe’s Diamond Legacy

With little fanfare, the United States has effectively ended its sanctions on Zimbabwe diamonds. On March 4, President Biden signed an executive order terminating the national emergency “with respect to the actions and policies of certain members of the Government of Zimbabwe and other persons.” Several personalities and entities connected to the diamond industry were […]

AGTA Bans Non-Natural Gemstones

(IDEX Online) – Lab grown gemstones are to be banned from all trade shows run by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). The Dallas-based not-for-profit association says exhibitors will not be allowed to display loose gemstones or jewelry comprising what it describes as “nonnatural gemstones – ones that are man-made, synthetic, or lab grown”. The […]

Forevermark Becoming India-Focused Jewelry Brand

De Beers is pulling the plug on any Forevermark activities in the United States, as it transforms the loose diamond brand into a jewelry line focused on the Indian market. “From January 2026, Forevermark will [become] a jewelry brand,” said a letter to Forevermark partners signed by Sandrine Conseiller (pictured), who became CEO of De […]

NDC Complaint Sees Lab-Grown Company Banned from Using ‘Misleading’ Ads

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Skydiamond may not use advertising with “misleading” terminology that fails to make it clear their diamonds are not natural. The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) filed a complaint with ASA about the ad, which debuted in February 2023 and featured text including, “Say hello to the world’s first and only diamond […]

March Sales Weak, LGD Revenue Issues Continue

Increasing interest rates and energy costs led consumers to reduce their expenses at jewelry shops. In March, sales of finished jewelry and loose diamonds were down 3%, and the average expenditure per unit decreased 3.5% year over year. Lab-grown diamonds – loose and finished jewelry – are facing significant challenges. The increase in the number […]

Sanctions Causing Shipment Delays in Antwerp, Traders Say

The European Union’s new sanctions regime is resulting in diamonds being stuck at customs for more than a week and disrupting supply chains, Antwerp dealers have claimed. The ban on Russian diamonds, which went into effect on March 1, requires all goods entering the EU to go for inspection at Antwerp’s Diamond Office, a dedicated customs […]