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“La Lettre” New generation – Give us your opinion

Rubel & Ménasché is a company that is always on the move and trying to improve. Our “Lettre” follows the rule! We changed its layout and distribution a little at the start of 2020. But our reflection actually goes much further and we are now wondering about the form and the substance. And who better […]

This is how COVID-19 impacted jewelry sales

COVID-19 hit the world like a wild and destructive storm, harming lives and assets as it spread. The diamond and jewelry industry was not spared, and sales dropped significantly – how significantly was anyone’s guess until now. Following are the figures showing just how COVID-19 impacted sales, and how the tide is perhaps starting to […]

Eira Thomas confident Lucara can navigate crisis

The diamond mining sector has been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. There has been a significant drop in demand — when rough sales could even take place — forcing miners to reconsider their production programs for 2020. However, Lucara Diamond Corp. appears cautiously confident that it has the balance sheet, the sales platform, and […]