Pink diamond prices +116 percent in past decade


Over the past 10 years, fancy color diamond prices have increased 77 percent. That’s according to newly released information from the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).  

Tracking the Fancy Color Diamond Index for the past decade shows that the price of pink diamonds has increased 116 percent, blue diamond prices have risen 81 percent and yellow diamond prices have moved up 21 percent. 

Among the best-performing goods of the last 10 years are 5-carat pink diamonds, whose prices have increased 99 percent; 1-carat fancy vivid blue diamonds, which have seen increases of 135 percent and 3- and 5-carat fancy vivid yellow diamonds, which have risen 30 percent in price.

The story for 2019, however, is not as positive. The general index fell 1.4 percent, mainly because of a 5.4-percent decrease in the price of yellow diamonds, says the FCRF. The pink and blue categories showed more stability. 

In the pink category, fancy vivid pinks increased by 4.4 percent, while 3-carat fancy vivid pinks increased by 9.1 percent.

In the blue category, the 1-carat, 1.5-carat and 2-carat categories increased by 2.5 percent, 3.7 percent and 2.7 percent and 1.5-carat fancy vivid blue diamonds increased 7.2 percent.

In the yellow category, 10-carat fancy vivid yellow diamonds decreased by 6.1 percent and 3-carat fancy intense yellow diamonds saw a price decrease of 5.3 percent.

Q4 2019


In Q4 2019, pink diamond prices fell 0.2 percent. Fancy vivid pinks in the 2-carat category rose by 1.7 percent while 1-carat and 8-carat fancy pink items declined by 1.2 percent and 1.1 percent respectively. The 5-carat fancy pink category decreased by 2.7 percent during the quarter and also declined the most significantly for 2019.

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