“Love Life” campaign showcases natural diamonds and a return to adventure

Karen Dybis

To get a sense of the new “Love Life” advertising campaign from the Natural Diamond Council, you need only look at the sensual, nature-inspired shapes of the rings, pendants, and earrings on its global ambassador, actress Ana de Armas.

Shot in Mallorca, the campaign features an 11-piece diamond jewelry collection custom-designed by the Brooklyn, N.Y.–based jewelry designer Malyia McNaughton. The lustrous Soleil pendant encourages its wearer to seek sunlight, travel, and adventure. The Fountain earrings are a throwback to elegance and summer nights. And the dynamic Two Finger Wrap ring evokes the warmth of connection and even a hint of infatuation.

The goal for the NDC’s second global For Moments Like No Other advertising campaign is, in part, to highlight life’s grand moments and collective gratitude for love and friendship, as well as the importance of seeing the magic in the everyday, Natural Diamond Council officials said in announcing the “Love Life” theme, photographs, and websites.

The feeling the campaign seeks to create is “hat natural diamonds play a pivotal role in expressing and embodying a range of moments, from everyday style to a glamourous night out to making an individual statement as you create new memories during your experiences,” says Kristina Buckley Kayel, the council’s Managing Director of North America.

With just 11 pieces, we were able to express this range with styles that spanned edgy, new classic, bold and refined,” Kayel says. “There are no rules for diamond jewelry today and the versatility, sentimentality, and individuality that natural diamonds exude makes them an unparalleled luxury.

The “Love Life” theme also speaks to de Armas, who captured audiences through her charismatic performance in Knives Out, which was a pandemic hit for Amazon Prime. The campaign’s film and photographs of the actress feel like an invitation—to socialize outdoors with those you love and bring organic experiences into your life, including natural diamonds.

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