Your answers and the results of the questionnaire about La Lettre

Marianne Riou

Dear readers,
First of all, we owe you a big and heartfelt “THANK YOU”. Thank you to everybody who answered the questionnaire, thank you for taking the time for us and thank you for giving us so much detail. It gives us great pleasure and is an enormous help in our effort to be transparent and for our continuous improvement to be able to count on your support.

And so, what do your answers tell us about you?

  • A little more than 13% of you answered the questionnaire and you truly represent all of the value chain of the diamond and jewelry industry.
  • More than 80% of you are happy with the frequency, the number of articles and the selection offered.

So you can imagine how happy we are with these encouraging figures. But, as you know, we are not the type to rest on our laurels for long, so this only confirms our desire to do even better…

What do you like about La Lettre and which topics do you prefer?

From reading your answers, we have deduced that you like to read and see articles published about:

  • information that can improve your knowledge and understanding of diamonds or about the major organizations and the information that is decisive for our industry;
  • the world of fine jewelry: “jewelry” culture and current affairs;
  • the latest progress and news from the industry, laboratory-grown diamonds, CSR, and transparency.
What would you like to read about “more” in La Lettre ?

The aim of this questionnaire was to understand you better and to get to know you, and to find out how to offer you high quality information, which matches your needs and our expectations. Three demands seem to stand out particularly:

  • You would like to read more Rubel & Ménasché exclusives, offering our vision and our analysis of current affairs in the diamond and jewelry industry, and trends;
  • You would also like us to offer you information on how a house like Rubel & Ménasché operates
  • Finally, by explaining even more about the reasons why we chose to publish certain articles, our Editorial, which endeavors each week to guide your reading could explore a trend, give substance to questioning or open the door to deeper reflection…
Areas for improvement are being plotted out…

We are therefore in a phase of reflection and laying the ground work every day to offer you an ever better Lettre. What is great news for us is that your interests and concerns match our own!

To conclude this review, the whole team from Rubel & Ménasché would like to thank you once again for your help. And don’t forget that La Lettre newsletter links with the articles published on our website the day before, in the eponymous menu.

Publishing news and information every week is a real commitment for Rubel & Ménasché, a desire to support our industry, its consideration, its development and its transparency. Continuing to set an example, revealing the story of our diamonds by promoting all the talents, sharing our passion and reinventing the world of fine jewelry, is what drives us.

Source Rubel & Ménasché