Younger consumers still like diamonds, survey says

Rob Bates

Milllenials and Generation Z consumers still have a taste for diamond jewelry, says a new survey from the Natural Diamond Council.

The online survey, conducted by 360 Market Reach, polled 5,000 respondents during October 2020.

The poll found:

– Given an unlimited amount of money to spend, younger consumers said they would choose to purchase or receive diamond jewelry second only to vacations—which represents a particular opportunity now that people are not taking vacations.

Among the most cited reasons for wanting natural diamonds: they are one of a kind” (cited by 70%) and are symbols of love and connection.

– Some 37% of respondents said they plan to buy fine jewelry in the next 12 months and 27% expect to receive it. About 20% of these people say they will either definitely or probably purchase natural diamond jewelry in the next year, and 12% plan to give it as a gift.

– Around half of all jewelry purchasers over the last 24 months have acquired natural diamond jewelry.

– Half of natural diamond jewelry purchasers have bought diamond jewelry for themselves, though that varies by gender: 72% of female purchasers have bought at least one piece for themselves, compared to 23% by men.

Women’s key reasons for buying diamonds include design, which was cited by 51% (meaning they found a piece they really loved); the ability to be worn every day, cited by 49%; and long-term style and value (46%).

Almost 80% of purchasers have bought diamond jewelry as a gift, and 28% have bought for both gifts and themselves. Males largely gift to their significant others, while women gift to their mothers and children as well as their significant others.

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Source JCK Online 

Photo © Pamela Love.