Who prefers brick-and-mortar? The youngest and oldest

Rob Bates

The 18-to-25 and 61-and-over demographics are the most committed brick-and-mortar shoppers, according to a new report, “The Future of Retail 2017,” by Walker Sands Communications.

More than half—58 percent—of Generation Z consumers (18 to 25) prefer to shop in physical stores versus shopping online. That’s roughly on par with the oldest shoppers: 63 percent of shoppers aged 61 and over said the same.

By contrast, only 43 percent of 26–35-year-olds prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over e-tail; 48 percent of 36–45-year-olds; and 56 percent of those 46 to 60.

Overall, nearly half of consumers (46 percent) now prefer shopping online to doing it in a store.

The survey found that 29 percent of consumers shop online at least weekly; only 4 percent don’t shop online at all.

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Source JCK Online