When Natural Diamonds Move with the Times

Isabelle Hossenlopp

Living the diamond life every day is the core message of the NDC’s new global ad campaign.

Entitled To Treasure, Now and Forever, the new 2023/2024 global campaign launched by the Natural Diamond Council with actress Lily James celebrates the longevity, beauty and versatility of natural diamonds in a woman’s everyday life.

Lily James has been the organization’s global ambassador since September 2022. Her youth, glamour and vigor make her the perfect ambassador for modern diamonds.

In the new campaign, she appears in different photographs wearing casual streetwear, a sophisticated dress, and a glamorous outfit for a big night out, showing that natural diamond jewelry can adapt to any situation. Diamonds move with the times, accompanying the modern woman at every moment of her day. Snapped in Lily James’s home city of New York, photographer Cass Bird’s shots perfectly capture the versatility of diamond jewelry.

Lily James photographiée par Cass Bird

Integrity and authenticity

Lily’s talent, integrity and authenticity are the perfect attributes to represent natural diamonds,” says David Kellie, CEO of the Natural Diamond Council. Lily James is not only a ravishing muse, she also has no qualms about standing up for natural diamonds. “After visiting Botswana and seeing the positive impact of the diamond industry on the surrounding communities and ecosystems, and learning what helps them survive, I wanted to be even more mindful of the natural diamond jewelry I wear,” she says.

My own opinion of natural diamonds is constantly changing, but I do like to use my diamond jewelry to help me stand out on the red carpet, as well as pairing it more discreetly with jeans. I see it as a way of paying homage to whoever bought me the jewelry, and I’m reminded of a unique memory every time I wear it.

This is the Natural Diamond Council’s fourth global ad campaign, and it is supported by the NDC’s international partners, including independent luxury retailers such as Razny, Hamilton Jewelers and London Jewelers in the US, Malabar in the United Arab Emirates and Chow Tai Fook in China.

The campaign was designed by Rebecca Corbin-Murray. Hair by Halley Brisker and make-up by Valeria Ferreira, both at The Wall Group.

Through its Only Natural Diamonds platform, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) inspires and informs consumers about the incredible world of natural diamonds. The platform is the go-to publisher for all things natural diamond, including celebrities and pop culture, epic diamonds, jewelry trends, engagement and weddings, as well as diamond buying guides.

The NDC supports the integrity of the natural diamond industry by providing transparency and insight into how the sector is evolving and its commitments to further improvement. The NDC is a global not-for-profit organization whose members’ operations span four continents and ten countries, including Canada, South Africa and Botswana. Their activities provide a living for 10 million industry employees and their families around the world.

The NDC has a presence in the US, China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Europe.

Main image: Cass Bird