Bulgari Serpenti: 75 Years of Infinite Stories, Join Us in Dubai

Charlotte Wannebroucq

Bulgari has recently unveiled Bulgari Serpenti: 75 Years of Infinite Stories, an exhibition that immerses visitors in the enchanting world of the famous serpent. The Serpenti icon, which has captured the hearts of people worldwide since its creation in 1948. This exhibition took place in Dubai, marking the first exhibition of its kind in the Middle East.

Since antiquity, the serpent has captivated the imagination, from the East to the West, inspiring artists, writers, and poets throughout the ages. Bulgari, a visionary in the world of jewelry, has managed to embody this enchantment by launching its first Serpenti creation 75 years ago. Over the decades, Serpenti has successfully interpreted the spirit of each era while remaining true to its original form, thus establishing a deep connection between Bulgari’s creations and contemporary art.

© Bulgari

Bulgari’s President, Jean-Christophe Babin, speaking about this unprecedented event, stated: “For 75 years, the iconic Serpenti symbol has boldly embodied Bulgari’s unique design with a contemporary vision. It draws inspiration from the past, from the time of Cleopatra, and has become the protagonist of a wonderful story that continues today, characterized by creativity, craftsmanship excellence, and a modern spirit. It has accompanied the women who have worn it, enhancing their personalities. We are delighted to celebrate this beloved brand icon with the Serpenti Factory in Dubai.”

© Bulgari

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Serpenti, Bulgari inaugurates the Serpenti Factory, a revolutionary artistic initiative focused on the serpent as an endless source of creative production. This Factory explores how the inspirations, symbols, techniques, and archives of the House continue to influence the boundless creativity and craftsmanship of Serpenti.

Three local artists, Dr. Azra Khamissa, Dr. Afra Atiq, and Azza Al Qubaisi, were invited to provide their personal interpretations of the Serpenti emblem, thus showcasing the infinite diversity of this icon. Azra Khamissa, a henna artist and creator, draws inspiration from the resilience of the Bedouins for her collaboration with Bulgari. She uses natural henna as a means of expression, symbolizing the serpent’s adaptability in challenging conditions.


For Afra Atiq, an Emirati poet born in the United Arab Emirates to an Emirati father and an American-Japanese mother, she offers a poem inspired by Bulgari’s Serpenti creations. Her poem explores the sinuous and curved elements of the jewelry, paying tribute to continuity and transformation while emphasizing the metaphor of shedding the snake’s skin. Finally, Azza Al Qubaisi, a renowned jewelry creator and sculptor in the United Arab Emirates, celebrates her country’s rich heritage by using local materials, sustainable practices, and traditional techniques in her serpent-themed creations.

Polaris Serpenti © Bulgari

And as the Serpenti’s story continues to evolve, this exhibition also serves as an opportunity to showcase 5 new pieces of high jewelry.

Crimson Rose Serpenti © Bulgari
The Tree of Life Serpenti © Bulgari

The Crimson Rose Serpenti, an ardent ensemble adorned with pink spinels, diamonds, emeralds, and mother-of-pearl. A stunning necklace, the Tree of Life Serpenti, takes us into the emerald-leafed trees, on the path of the iconic creature that loves to slither among the branches. And the last piece, a dazzling one, the Polaris Serpenti necklace. It’s a masterpiece entirely adorned with diamonds that captivates us.

The Bulgari Serpenti Exhibition: 75 Years of Infinite Stories allows you to immerse yourself in Bulgari’s captivating universe and celebrate the heritage and ongoing creativity of the Serpenti icon. As the serpent continues its journey through time, new creations continue to emerge, reminding us all that the story of Serpenti is eternal, just like the fascination it holds over the world. This exhibition is a tribute to the timeless fusion of art, fashion, and symbolism, brilliantly embodied by Bulgari.

Source Natural Diamond Council