Two more big diamonds discovered

National Jeweler

London – The large diamond finds continue, with mining company Petra Diamonds Ltd. recovering a 23.16-carat pink and Lucara coming up big again with two more exceptional stones.

The pink diamond, which Petra said has “exceptional color and clarity,” is the company’s most significant recovery to date from its Williamson mine, which is located in Tanzania. Petra said it will offer it for sale by appointment in Antwerp as part of its December tender.

Meanwhile, Lucara Diamond Corp.’s latest big finds follow the recovery of a 1,111-carat diamond from its Karowe mine in Botswana. A Type IIa diamond, the stone is the second-largest gem-quality diamond ever found, taking its place behind the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond discovered in January 1905.

Now, Lucara said it has found two more “exceptional” white diamonds at Karowe, weighing approximately 813 and 374 carats.

Lucara Diamond President and CEO William Lamb said the 813-carat diamond is the sixth-largest gem-quality diamond ever recovered.

Source National Jeweler