“Seize the Day” diamond ad campaign launches

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London – De Beers and its diamond brand Forevermark have launched their call-to-action holiday advertising campaign that is designed to increase consumer demand for diamonds across the board this holiday season. 

The “Seize the Day” ads target men and feature “bold, catchy statements” scripted in a black font on a white background and accompanied by classic pieces of diamond jewelry. The ads echo De Beers’ old Seize the Day campaign from the bygone days of widespread generic diamond advertising in the United States. Seize the Day last was used about seven years ago and was the successor to the old “Shadows” campaign. The text for those, however, had a white-on-black theme instead.

This launch comes after De Beers said in late May that it was bringing back “A Diamond is Forever” for Forevemark this holiday season, and the August announcement that it was also rebooting Seize the Day, which uses A Diamond is Forever and mentions Forevermark too but is meant to be more along the lines of the generic diamond marketing campaigns the company was so well known for the the past.

There are 39 different lines for the updated Seize the Day, including “Marry Me Sounds So Much Better Than Just Merry Christmas,” featuring a round solitaire diamond engagement ring.

The ads will run across digital, print and outdoor only; Seize the Day has no television component.

The campaign launched digitally on Monday with a takeover of Yahoo’s login page and with banner ads on sites like Yahoo.com, The Verge.com, ESPN.com, GQ.com, and HollywoodReporter.com. Those will run through Christmas.

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