Three views of the diamond market

Rob Bates

Why miners still forecast a supply-demand gap.

In the last month, we have seen a few notable reports on the diamond industry. Here are some highlights:

– The supply/demand imbalance: The dream never dies.

Alrosa’s June presentation is the most bullish of the bunch, with the Russian diamond producer estimating that demand will rise 2 to 4 percent over the next few years. The United States, the largest market, will show moderate growth of 3 to 4 percent, it says.

However, diamond production has been relatively flat since 2009, it notes, and it expects production to increase only at a 2 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until 2025.

Which means we could see the much-talked about—and much-delayed—supply-demand imbalance come about in 2019.

– Dominion sees growth on the low-end.

Dominion Diamond’s presentation and conference call this week also brings up the supply-demand differential, expecting diamond jewelry demand to grow at 3.4 percent CAGR. But it says a lot of that growth will be in lesser-quality goods, crunching numbers from Rapaport.

Democratization of diamond jewelry and resilience of mass-market jewelry has led to stronger price trend in lower-quality polished diamonds,” it says. “Polished diamonds in lower colors (e.g., K–M) have outperformed better colors (e.g., D–F) Better clarities (IF–VVS) have shown weaker price performance than lower clarities.”

– ABN AMRO plays the spoiler. (There’s one in every crowd.)

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