Not a 2020 wrap-up, or a 2021 prediction

Edahn Golan

After such an unusual year, the last thing we need is another 2020 wrap-up or a 2021 prediction. Instead, I will share what I see happening right now in the most significant place for the diamond industry: US retail sales.

In brief, specialty jewelers’ December retail sales appear to be up 160-170% over November. This is above average. In the past ten years, December sales have risen 122%.

Diamond jewelry performance

Diamond jewelry did better too. Diamonds are always a go-to product in the holiday season, and this year was no exception – unless you consider the sharp rise in sales. As expected, consumers everywhere rushed to buy diamond jewelry because of the impact of the pandemic.

Lab-Grown performance

As expected, LGDs had a great year. Helped by the pandemic, LGD-set stud earrings were more popular than before, posting a substantial rise.

That said, a pattern is developing. Although sales of LGD-set jewelry rose with the holiday tide, their share compared to natural diamonds tends to decline in November and December – especially in December. This was true this year too.

2020 Jewelry Sales

Jewelry sales in 2020 (are you sitting?) are up year over year. Not by a whole lot, but enough to outdo 2019. The insatiable appetite of the American consumer for something stable, known, and long lasting has served jewelry well. It served the diamond industry especially well.

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021

The past year was an incredible experience. It taught me a lot about the industry, human behavior under extreme circumstances, and the power of friendship. It also reinforced the importance of having a strong scientific community and by extension a thriving education system.

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