Israel Diamond Exchange promoting natural diamonds

Rob Bates

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has launched a new campaign to promote natural diamonds with a series of videos that will be posted to social media.

According to a statement, the IDE’s “Fake Times, Real Diamonds” campaign highlights the singularity, astounding beauty, natural creation, geological age, and immeasurable value” of natural diamonds and aims to differentiate them from what it calls “lab-grown and other synthetic stones.”

We live in fake times, with fake news, fake beauty, fake friends, fake pleasure, fake food,” says the video. “Really? Nothing real?

Love is real,” it continues. “Diamonds are real. I love diamonds. Real diamonds.

Said IDE president Yoram Dvash in a statement: “At a time when counterfeit products and fake reproductions flood almost every market, few commodities remain as rare and exceptional as natural diamonds.”

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Source JCK Online