Index ranks diamond, gold-mining nations

Michelle Graff

New York – The Revenue Watch Institute, a New York-based nonprofit that promotes the transparent and accountable management of natural resources, recently released its 2013 Resource Governance Index, a ranking that includes a number of nations that mine gold and diamonds.

The index rates countries on four criteria: institutional and legal setting, having systems that facilitate an open government; reporting practices, what the government shares with the people; safeguards and quality control, the checks and balances in place to follow the money and enabling environment; and the broader policies that support democracy, accountability, transparency and rule of law.

The governments receive a numerical score and sorted into one of four ranges: “satisfactory” (71 to 100), “partial” (51-70), “weak” (41-50) and “failing” (40 and below).

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Source National Jeweler

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on July 17 to reflect Jacob Thamage’s professional title.