HK Diamond Federation launches ‘Natural Diamonds Quality Assurance’ mark

Danielle Max

The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong (DFHK) has launched its “Natural Diamond Quality Assurance” Mark Scheme (NDQA Mark Scheme). The scheme is designed to assure consumers that they are buying mined and not lab-grown diamonds.

Currently, some 322 retailers are taking part in the scheme including nearly 90 percent of DFHK members. Members include Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook Holdings, Chow Sang Sang Holdings and Tse Sui Luen Jewelry.

However, the impact of lab-grown diamonds is limited in Hong Kong. According to Lawrence Ma, founding president and chairman of DFHK, so far no retailers have been found selling synthetic diamond products in Hong Kong currently.

Despite this, he said DFHK will provide support to members to raise their awareness and ability of distinguishing natural and lab-grown diamonds, for instance, by supplying identification equipment, hosting workshops, and enhancing relations with different gemstone identification organizations.

He also said that the organization will require NDQA Mark Scheme participants to strictly comply with industry ethics as well as related laws and legislations, such as the Trade Descriptions Ordinances, in order to protect consumers’ rights.

DFHK has always attached great importance to the interests of consumers,” he said.

We have been preparing for the NDQA Mark Scheme for more than a year. By placing a rigorous assessment process and adhering to the highest ethical business standards, the mark provides quality assurance to consumers and increase their confidence and desire for purchasing natural diamonds in Hong Kong.”

To increase the legitimacy and effectiveness of the scheme, DFHK will monitor participants in a number of ways, including the establishment of a third party supervising group composed of professionals and closer cooperation with individual gemstone identification organizations to conduct quality check, to ensure participating members are adhering to the standards of the scheme.

Source Idexonline