Gemesis : It’s Not Us, Others Sold Inappropriately


Responding to the news that a large batch of lab-made diamonds are circulating in the market without proper disclosure, Stephen Lux, President & CEO of Gemesis says the company has been completely forthcoming.
Lux states, “There are several other companies that are practicing the CVD technology, with some scale as to have capability for the few hundred diamonds that most unfortunately have been sold inappropriately.

The recent two-carat lab-created submission to GIA India (also not from Gemesis) is evidence of others’ capabilities. Gemesis can assure the industry with 100 percent certainty it has not been involved in selling its diamonds as mined, and the undisclosed diamonds referenced in the DTC and IGI alerts are not Gemesis diamonds.”

According to Lux, the DTC and IGI know that CVD diamonds, whether made by Gemesis, or others, will be indistinguishable from each other.

The fact is that Gemesis has been the most open in terms of working with the grading labs, and then going through the step of certification (and laser engraving the source) for several thousand of its diamonds.”

He said that Gemesis insists that each of its lab-created polished diamonds over one-quarter carat are laser inscribed with an identity name and number as part of the certification process.

Gemesis has been very consistent and clear in its commitment of full disclosure. That has not and will not change. Gemesis has the very same concerns the entire mined diamond industry has regarding the attempt by someone to inappropriately and fraudulently pass lab-created diamonds as mined.”

Gemesis also hopes that this unfortunate event will encourage the industry as a whole to be more proactive in assuring the success of lab-created diamonds in the right way and we pledge our cooperation in making that happen.”

Source Idexonline