Gem Z: Rebranding Natural Diamonds for a New Generation

Victoire Bronner

Rapaport looks at how retailers can sway young consumers toward natural stones as lab-grown gains traction.

A new special supplement from Rapaport explores how retailers can put natural diamonds back on young consumers’ minds as lab-grown stones continue drawing them in with promises of ethics and value

In this supplement, sponsored by RDI Diamonds, our writers break down the latest research from leading analysts to discover how, where and why Gen Z wants to shop. We also hear from TikTok influencer Angela Romeo — a showroom assistant at New York jewelry consultancy Mega Mega Projects — about just what she and her Gen Z peers really think of diamonds, and how she feels the industry could better engage with them.

The supplement dives into the jewelry trends that are getting Gen Z shoppers’ attention, including these consumers’ completely new approach to styling, and the celebrities influencing this movement. Luxury jewelry brands, meanwhile, point to the natural diamond-set designs that young shoppers are already buying into.

Looking to the bridal market, retailers share their strategies for upselling Gen Z couples from lab-grown to natural diamonds. We also break down some of the myths in the synthetic-versus-natural diamond debate, and provide a transcript to help stores navigate these difficult conversations successfully.

Finally, we take a look at Tiffany & Co., one brand that has been investing heavily in marketing to Gen Z, and ask whether its Nike collaborations and select celebrity ambassadors are working.

Source Rapaport