GCAL, Now Part of Sarine, Opens Lab in India

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The facility is located in Sarine’s office building in Surat. The Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory, which was acquired by Sarine last year, has opened a laboratory in the diamond manufacturing hub of Surat, India. Don and Pamela Palmieri founded New York-based GCAL in 2001.

Surat, India—On Monday, Sarine Technologies Ltd. announced the opening of the first GCAL by Sarine grading lab in India.

The opening of the lab follows Sarine’s acquisition of a majority stake in the Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory, which was announced last January and completed in May.

At the time the acquisition was announced, GCAL noted how the deal would give it the opportunity to expand overseas using Sarine’s AI-powered eGrading machines without comprising on quality or having to abandon its cash-back grading guarantee for consumers

On Tuesday, GCAL by Sarine President Angelo Palmieri, who visited the new facility late last month, said the lab in India operates the same way the company’s lab in New York does. 

It employs Sarine’s AI grading equipment but, ultimately, there is still a human being who checks each diamond that is graded. 

The lab is located in Sarine’s office building in the city of Surat, which is surrounded by a number of large diamond manufacturing facilities. 

Sarine does not disclose the specific number of employees in any division, including GCAL by Sarine, but said it has approximately 400 employees in India total. Ben Finkelstein is the director of operations there.

Palmieri said opening a GCAL lab in Surat, the city that cuts and polishes the vast majority of the world’s diamonds and is home to a massive new diamond bourse, was the “next logical phase” of the company’s acquisition by Sarine. 

“With the technology developed by Sarine, we will be able to place a laboratory anywhere in the world … we are just getting started,” he said. 

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