Forevermark diamonds – a girl’s best friends?

Alex Shishlo

Forevermark diamonds released by De Beers are distinguished by their beauty, rarity and quality. Their suppliers guarantee that these diamonds were mined in compliance with high industrial, social and environmental standards.

The Forevermark branding program was first launched in Hong Kong in 2004. The requirements of this brand allow diamonds starting from 0.18 carats and larger in size, no less than SI2 in clarity and at least J or higher in color. The brand also evaluates how diamonds are cut and whether business practices of mining companies comply with ethical standards established within this program.

Forevermark diamonds are marked by a microscopic company logo bearing a unique number, which, however, can be seen using special equipment. The “icon” does not affect the diamond’s appearance and quality in any way.

Forevermark diamonds and diamond jewelry have been available to consumers since 2008. Today, they are on sale in the United States, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
Tiffany & Co. was one of the first permanent consumers of Forevermark diamonds.
It is noteworthy that only one percent of all diamonds mined in the world meets the requirements of the Forevermark brand.
Most of the stones for the brand come from the diamond fields of De Beers in Southern Africa, especially Botswana and/or Canada, but some of the diamonds in the program come from Russia.

Quality guarantee

Each diamond before it is awarded the prestigious brand name is examined at the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp.
Anyone can take real pride in owning diamonds from De Beers’ brand: they are unique and timeless, and designed to be passed down from generation to generation, as Forevermark says.

The world’s leading auditor, Société Générale de Surveillance, regularly inspects and monitors the performance of each of Forevermark’s partners. The company is carefully selecting its authorized dealers which are jewelry retailers.

According to Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier, brand building was not only intended to make it a world leader, but also to encourage independent manufacturers create valuable and exclusive jewelry.

Careful selection

The exclusivity and quality of Forevermark diamonds are described in the attached Forevermark Diamond Grading Report, which contains detailed characteristics of diamonds, including their cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

The Forevermark Diamond Institute applies rigorous standards in selecting diamonds seeking to be awarded the prestigious status. The stone earmarked to get a “passport” with a unique hologram and an identification number corresponding to that engraved on the diamond is to be subjected to strict examination by the Institute’s experts who are working not only “by eye,” but also using state-of-the-art computer technologies.

The color and clarity are checked and rechecked by eye up to five times by a highly qualified specialist,” Rough&Polished was told at the Forevermark Diamond Institute. “We are also looking for defects or inclusions, which may be located inside the stone, but these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye.
It should be noted that even after the 4-C grading of polished diamonds is completed, only the most beautiful gems are chosen to qualify for being part of the Forevermark brand.

In this way, authorized Forevermark dealers receive a complete set of documents that can convince the most demanding customer that he or she will own a truly exceptional piece of diamond jewelry.
The Forevermark Diamond Institute is part of De Beers, which has a 120-year-long record of diamond expert evaluation.

Cutting and polishing

Forevermark diamonds are cut and polished by the most experienced craftsmen who have the appropriate skills passed from generation to generation. Forevermark picks out diamantaires, paying attention not only to the level of their professional skills, but also to the impeccability of their reputation.

Diamonds come to the specially selected diamond cutting factories, particularly in Tel Aviv, where they are treated separately and by most experienced professionals,” said the interlocutor to Rough&Polished. “To cut Forevermark diamonds is entrusted only to a small number of specialists, who have their individual style.

Although such diamantaires have many years of experience and deep understanding of stones, the way how a diamond will be cut and polished is determined by a computer.

Forevermark collections

The Forevermark Design and Innovation Centre is based in Milan. A team of designers working there is specialized in creating exclusive jewelry pieces that give a unique luster and shine to Forevermark branded diamonds.

Presentations of branded collections are accompanied by massive advertising and Forevermark diamond jewelry is often seen worn by Hollywood stars and pop singers in the United States.

Source Rough&Polished