Fancy color price index sees full-year rise


Prices of fancy-color diamonds grew in 2021 as the market recovered from the previous year’s pandemic-induced slump, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).

The steady increase of the Fancy Color Diamond Index is more evidence of the stability of this luxury category,” FCRF advisory board member Ephraim Zion said Tuesday [February 1st]. “We see more people buying these beautiful natural diamonds while their supply diminishes.”

The average price of all fancy-color diamonds ended the year 1.7% higher than 12 months earlier, with the index recording price increases in 89% of all categories, FCRF noted. Prices for blues jumped 2.2% for the year, while pinks climbed 2%. Yellow prices inched up 0.9%.

In the fourth quarter, the organization’s Fancy Color Diamond Index rose 0.5% from the previous three months. Pink prices grew 0.6%, and blues rose 0.5%. Prices of yellows climbed 0.4% during the period, slowing slightly from the previous quarter.

The 3- and 1.5-carat categories were the strongest size divisions for fancy pinks, increasing 1.2% and 1%, respectively, in the three months ending December 31. Fancy-vivid pinks weighing 5 carats saw the most significant decrease, down 1.1%. Blues recorded the highest increase in the 1.5-carat segment, gaining 1.4%, while 2-carat, fancy-intense stones slipped 0.6%. Meanwhile, for fancy yellows, 2-carat diamonds were the strongest, up 1.1%. The 1- and 3-carat yellows were the only size categories to see decreases, falling 0.1% and 0.3%, respectively, the FCRF explained.

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