Experts weigh in on the hottest bridal trends of 2021

Ashley Davis

Weddings may have hit some speed bumps in in 2020, but the pandemic hasn’t slowed down engagements.

According to jewelry industry experts, demand for engagement rings and wedding bands is still high.

These are the top bridal diamond trends they’re spotting.

Diamond shapes: feeling Fancy

Round brilliant-cut diamonds reign supreme in the bridal world.

Round diamonds are still the most requested shape,” said Kwiat’s Greg Kwiat, followed by cushion and oval cuts. “[A round diamond is] timeless and classic, and no one ever went wrong presenting a round diamond engagement ring.

Despite the classic cut’s popularity, many retailers and designers noted an increase in fancy shape demand.

Elongated diamonds are what’s on-trend in engagement rings right now,” said Greenwich St. Jewelers co-owner and gemologist Christina Gandia Gambale. “In order of popularity we’re selling more emerald, radiant and oval cuts than ever before.”

Tacori has noticed this trend as well.

Chief Operating Officer and Design Director Nadine Tacorian said, “The round-cut diamond shape is the most popular, but we’re continuing to see interest in elongated shapes like oval, pear and emerald.”

Jade Lustig, the jewelry designer behind Jade Trau, said a pear-shaped diamond is the most popular shape among her clientele, even ranking above round brilliants, but she’s seen a dip in oval diamond sales after the shape rose in popularity a few years ago.

The oval craze seems to have petered out a bit,” she observed, which may indicate the cut is beginning to reach its tipping point, though it should remain a top contender for the next few years.

Instagram cult favorite Stephanie Gottlieb said after a round diamond, emerald cuts are her company’s most popular shape year after year, but cushion, oval and elongated radiant cuts are also trending.

Gottlieb isn’t the only one who’s experiencing emerald fever.

Single Stone, which specializes in modern updates on vintage diamonds as well as vintage-inspired styles, said its clientele gravitate toward unique, individual cuts, like a portrait cut.

But the company is also seeing a resurgence in more classic shapes.

There is a renewed interest in emerald and Asscher-cut diamonds,” said co-founder Corina Madilian.

Metals: a yellow gold resurgence

The jewelers and designers National Jeweler interviewed for this article agreed that platinum is the bridal diamond engagement ring standard; however, yellow gold is on the rise.

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Photo © Stephanie Gottlieb.