Colored diamond hammer prices in 2016 show continuing appeal


The new year is now officially here, just barely over the doorstep, and with it the promise of new amazing gems that will crown this year’s sales.But before we bid goodbye to 2016 forever, it is time to take a small step back and look at the major gem achievements of last year. 2016 was a busy year when it came to auctions of colored diamonds, and what fascinating gems it brought with it!

Yellow colored diamonds are known as veteran members on the “most desirable” list of the auction scene every year. Accordingly, several large- straight-color items were sold during the year.

It started in April at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels & the Jubilee Ruby auction in New York when two noteworthy Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds were sold. The first was a round-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut stone weighing 54.62 carats, and with a VVS1 clarity grade. It was mounted in an 18K gold ring, and sold for $2,461,000. The second was a modified rectangular-cut cornered diamond with a VS2 clarity grade weighing 30.48 carats, mounted in a platinum 18K gold and diamond ring which sold for $1,325,000.

Aurora Green

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Source Idexonline