ALROSA consolidates its ranking in the 2021 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment


Press release – ALROSA has confirmed its commitment to sustainability by improving its score in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2021, one of the most renowned ratings for corporate sustainability worldwide. ALROSA improved its company score from 34 in 2020 to 44 in 2021, raising its percentile ranking from 43 percent in 2020 to 68 percent in 2021 (Score date: Nov 12, 2021).

The company achieved high percentile rankings across all three overall categories in 2021, including a 67-percentile ranking for governance and economic dimension, a 69-percentile ranking for environmental dimension and a 67-percentile ranking for social dimension.

Alexey Philippovskiy, ALROSA’s CFO, said: “Sustainability is a vital part of how ALROSA conducts its business, as our recently published 2021-25 Sustainability Programme outlines commitments ranging from implementing a set of initiatives aimed at protection of the atmosphere and climate change risks mitigation to protecting local communities and ensuring safe working conditions to all our team members and contractors. The improvement of ALROSA’s Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment from S&P is imperative to the ALROSA Group in conveying how our continued commitment to ESG is globally recognised.”

This S&P rating consolidates ALROSA’s sustainability goals, integrated throughout the business. ALROSA’s goals include minimising its environmental footprint, complying with international environmental protection standards, environmental conservation and taking responsibility for social issues.

ALROSA’s sustainability pillars help the Group to achieve the 13 priority UN Sustainable Development Goals and adhere to the ten fundamental principles of the UN Global Compact. Being the largest diamond mining company in the world by carat, ALROSA sets industry standards by using 95 percent recycled water in its manufacturing processes and generating 92 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, which overall give ALROSA a carbon footprint that is 79 percent lower than the average in the metals and mining industry. ALROSA’s S&P ranking conveys its commitment to continually setting high standards across the diamond mining industry.

Read more about ALROSA’s 2021-25 Sustainability Programme here.