ALROSA among leaders of environmental and energy efficiency rating


Press release – ALROSA, the largest diamond mining company in the world, took the second place in the final rating of the fundamental (environmental and energy) efficiency of the 150 largest companies in Russia and Kazakhstan operating in the real economy. The peculiarity of the rating is that it allows you comprehensively perceive diverse information about production, energy consumption, environmental impacts and efficiency dynamics.

The environmental and energy characteristics of almost 6 thousand companies were compared during the preparation of the rating. Each participant was considered according to five criteria:

  • energy efficiency (energy and resource costs per unit of production);
  • technological efficiency (resource consumption and waste generation per unit of work done);
  • ecosystem efficiency (level of pollution and environmental impacts from enterprises that can be assimilated by natural ecosystems in their areas of location);
  • dynamics of efficiency (change of efficiency in the period since 2005);
  • transparency (the level of disclosure of reports on energy consumption and the impact on the environment).

Companies were ranked by the value of each criteria, and the final place in the ranking was determined by the sum of the places in the five ranking lists. In the final ranking, ALROSA rose from 36th to 2nd place compared with last year. By almost all criteria, the company received higher than last year marks and almost doubled the transparency index.

The high position of our company in the rating indicates that ALROSA pays great attention to those aspects of its activity that are associated with a decrease in environmental impact, energy and resource efficiency, although we certainly have something to strive for in each of these areas. One of the company’s priorities is also a high level of information transparency, completeness and quality of reporting disclosed by ALROSA in the field of sustainable development,” Polina Anisimova, Deputy Chief Engineer for Ecology and Work with Indigenous and Small-numbered Peoples of the North, Head of ALROSA Environmental Center, said.

The fundamental (environmental and energy) efficiency rating has been prepared by the Interfax Group annually since 2011. Ratings are compiled based on questionnaires filled out by companies, or data from reports, tariff justifications, public statements and companies’ websites, as well as from the disclosed registers of executive authorities and some public organizations, for example, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and WWF Russia. This year, companies from Kazakhstan were included in the rating for the first time.