6 rules for jewelers to make sales online

Rob Bates

Jewelers should follow six basic steps to generate credibility for making online sales, according to a team at Stanford University, led by behavioral expert B.J. Fogg.

The team’s findings were included in De Beers’ most recent Diamond Insight Report, released Monday [November 9].

Communicate quality at a “visceral”/emotional level.

First impressions count. Make sure your website has a look and feel that’s professional. That includes having high-quality product shots, good typography, and a smooth layout.

Your online presence should be of the same quality as your physical presence,” says the report. “For too many, their online presence is a secondary consideration.”

Make sure your site is easy to use.

Your website should be well-organized, effective, and error-free, with quality copy and content.

Avoid meaningless, repetitive copy written specifically for search engines rather than humans,” the report said. “Concise, structured, meaningful, accessible content” actually performs better with Google search results, according to the report.

List third-party verifications and reviews.

What others say about you…carries more weight than what you say about yourself,” the report says.

Include any professional affiliations, associations, and industry awards your business may have.

Highlight that you’re a real organization staffed with real people.

People are uncomfortable buying from a “faceless” brand. Have your physical address readily available on your site, including pictures of your building and a map showing where you’re located.

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