WTOCD develops automatic melee screening device in collaboration with HRD Antwerp

David Brummer

The WTOCD (Antwerp Scientific Research Center for Diamonds – Wetenschappelijk en Technisch Onderzoeks Centrum voor Diamant) has developed an automatic melee screening device in collaboration with HRD Antwerp, which is capable of detecting potential HPHT color-enhanced diamonds and simulants.

With the quality of lab-grown gem quality diamonds continuously improving, the M-Screen is a superfast, automated, high capacity melee screen device that screens round brilliant diamonds from 1 point to 20 points for potential lab-grown diamonds.

There has been concern in the diamond industry for some time that the current crop of machines was not capable of detecting the smaller size stones. However, the M-Screen automatically feeds, screens and sorts out round brilliant diamonds at the rate of approximately 7,200 diamonds per hour. Depending on the size of the stones and the quantity in the batch, the machine could sort as many as 18,000 diamonds in an hour.

It’s important that all natural, lab grown diamonds, simulants and HPHT treated diamonds are identified in order to sustain trust throughout the diamond pipeline. It is our mission to service the diamond trade and industry by offering assistance in the development, selection and implementation of new technologies resulting in top quality products such as the M-Screen,” said Yves Kerremans, director of WTOCD and head of the project.

Marc Thomassen, HRD Antwerp’s chief equipment officer said, “We’re extremely excited about the launch of the M-Screen as this will undoubtedly prove to be a game changing screening and detection solution for melee goods within any industrial environment.

The WTOCD’s mission is to provide hi-tech services and products for the Belgian trade and industry diamond sectors.

Source Idexonline