“With Diamonds Do Good, we want to share these positive stories with consumers”

Marianne Riou

As the Diamonds Do Good website goes online, Rubel & Ménasché wanted to find out about how the project came about and what it’s aims are. We met with Nancy Orem Lyman, the Executive Director of DEF.

Could you please remind us what the Diamonds Do Good program consists of ?

In order to answer we need to give a bit of background.  We have always described D.E.F’s mission as ‘diamonds do good’. The industry has supported D.E.F since Russell Simmons, and members of the diamond industry founded it in 2007. We began by using the donations to fund programs in diamond producing countries in Africa that helped develop the next generation of leaders through education. We referred to the number of students we were able to help as a ‘diamonds do good impact’. We recently expanded our mission to also include those global diamond communities where the industry does business (India, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, The United States, Europe, etc).  In reviewing our supporter’s programs, we were inspired by the level of commitment shown by these industry members to also have a ‘diamonds do good impact’. We don’t believe many consumers are aware of these programs and wanted to share them. This is how the idea for the ‘Diamonds Do Good’ program came about. The first step was to build a website to serve as a repository for all these good stories.

What is the aim of this website ?

At the same time as learning about the positive impact brought by many members of the industry, we also wanted to remind consumers about the beauty and rarity of diamonds and how they have been part of our lives for centuries. The JCK Industry Fund gave D.E.F a grant to develop diamondsdogood.com. We see this site as growing exponentially with additional stories and features to further educate consumers about the positive role diamonds play in our lives.

The Diamonds do Good program is a way to celebrate diamonds as part of our shared human story. From their unique origin (formed in the earth’s core billions of years ago) to their mystical and mythical history through the ages to their symbol today of emotional connection, love and happiness, to their being worn as accent/centerpieces for style and fashion, to their making a difference in communities around the world through the responsible management and deep commitment by members of the industry, diamonds are a celebration. We want consumers to celebrate diamonds as they visit diamondsdogood.com.

How does the website work? Will it be regularly updated with positive initiatives from the diamond world?

The Diamonds do good website is an on-going repository of positive initiatives supported by the industry around the world. The website is supported through both Search Engine Optimization and outreach to consumers via social media channels that will help draw them to diamondsdogood.com. The site will be updated as D.E.F curates these stories from the full spectrum of the industry: from mining to manufacturing to designing to the retail level.

Why did you choose to refer to Vogue on the one hand and The Knot on the other for the In Your Life/Hot Rocks and In Your Life/To Have and to Hold sections?
Are these sections likely to change?

These sections span the spectrum of how diamonds are worn with todays fashions as well as being symbols of love and eternity. These sections will be updated routinely to reflect the latest trends and inspirations that influence young people and how diamonds fit into their ever-changing lives.

Finally, what part does this website and the work of Diamonds Do Good play in the ongoing missions of the DEF?

D.E.F’s ‘diamonds do good’ mission is to support transformative initiatives in diamond communities throughout the world. Our current initiatives help develop the next generation of leaders through education in Africa. Our expanded global commitment will embrace similar initiatives throughout the global diamond community. As we work with our partners, we are inspired by their own commitment to developing the communities where they do business. We want to share these positive stories with consumers. Diamonds do good.com is our way of doing that.

A little subsidiary question: if we look at the “positive stories” from the diamond world, which most struck you or touched you in particular?

Each story is unique and powerful and highlight how the different segments of the industry impact their communities in different ways. When viewed as a whole they show that the business of diamonds goes outside the office to nurture communities and people to become sustainable, empowered, and stable.

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