Will Sarine’s new machines change diamond grading?

Rob Bates

Looking at a possible future where grading is more automated.

It got lost in the post-election shuffle, but last month, Sarine Technologies released its first-ever clarity-grading machine. Given how its rough-mapping and cut-grading devices have changed the business, it’s worth asking: Could Sarine’s clarity grading have a similar impact?

Sarine Clarity took “years and years of development,” says marketing manager Tamar Brosh. “By using a very specific lighting environment and different focusing of camera lens, we feel we are now able to give an accurate mapping on inclusions. We consider it a real breakthrough.

In fact, this may be almost literally ahead of its time—it’s not ready to be released yet. It won’t be available for sale until 2017.

The machine is actually a learning machine,” she adds. “The more diamonds it scans, the more accurate it gets. That is why we’re not releasing it yet.”

The machine was announced along with Sarine Color, a new “more advanced” color-grading device.

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Source JCK Online