Why Nick Cannon is talking about diamonds

National Jeweler

New York–The Diamond Producers Association has tapped a popular TV show host for the next installment of its “Real is Rare” campaign.

The organization partnered with Nick Cannon–host of “America’s Got Talent,” MTV’s “Wild N’Out,” and ex-husband of Mariah Carey–to create “Why Real is Rare,” a short film that explores how and when couples realize their connection has become a commitment.

In the clip, Cannon interviews six real couples to share the moments that shaped their relationships, the challenges they’ve faced and what it is that they think makes their commitment the real deal.

The “docu-short,” as the DPA is referring to it, launched Tuesday on its YouTube channel and will live there, as well as on the campaign’s website.

It is the latest element in the DPA’s integrated marketing campaign, following closely behind the debut of the DPA’s first two commercials, “Wild & Kind” and “Runaways.”

This campaign explores the delta between being connected and having a connection,” said DPA Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Marquardt. “It’s common today to have hundreds, if not thousands, of connections. People are ‘connected’ online 24/7, but the ability to find someone special and have a genuine emotional, physical and spiritual connection with them feels more rare than ever before. The moments when couples realize ‘this is it’ are as precious and individual as a diamond itself.”

Source National Jeweler