Where should we draw the line with our values and ethics?

Marianne Riou

Dear Readers

As you already know, the sanctions against Russia continue and are being strengthened in the hope of bringing an end to this devastating and senseless war.

Our industry is clearly affected. Truly affected. Rough diamonds produced by ALROSA or produced and cut in Russia are no longer allowed to be imported into the US. But is that such a surprise?

Yet today, at Rubel & Ménasché, we would like to talk to you about something else. We would like to talk about women and men, ethics and hope.

Because in Ukraine, children, women, men and a country are being destroyed little by little.

Because behind the sanctions, women, men and company managers are asking themselves what is the right thing to do? what is fair? what is ethical? and where should we set the compass of our values? In the context of this crisis, how can companies directly or indirectly affected by these sanctions continue to prosper? How can we take care of our colleagues and employees? Should we continue to sell Russian diamonds? And if not, how are we to meet demand? Do consumers really know that around 30% of the world’s rough diamonds comes from ALROSA? We seriously doubt it. But all the efforts for traceability and transparency that we have been making for years, all those efforts to make our industry ethical and respectful of people and the environment must not collapse now in the light of this war and this global crisis (and I can tell you that in Europe, with this war at our doors, we are highly aware of this)! We should review our ethical concerns and criteria in view of this crisis and its impacts.

It’s not about judging others. Everyone is doing their best in this turmoil. But perhaps we can listen, try to understand what each of us has to lose, be open to the world and to others and show SOLIDARITY.

We would like and wish to carry a message of hope. We will not abandon ANYTHING.

But once again, it is together and hand in hand that we will find the peace that this beautiful world deserves.

To end on the words of our CEO, Stephan Wolzok:

“If we don’t support others, we harm ourselves.
By helping others, we help ourselves…
Each and every one of us is part of the world.
Let’s work together in this spirit.”

Take care.

Happy reading and enjoy you week.

Source Rubel & Ménasché

Photo © Andrik Langfield Unsplash.