What has Lady Gaga done for heart-shape engagement rings?


Okay, so I know you’ve heard about Lady Gaga’s heart-shape engagement ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz. It’s an absolute killer, and I didn’t expect to love it, but I do. So the question is: What will this do for heart-shape engagement rings? Brushed off as total cheese by harsh critics, and furthermore forcing closeted lovers of the heart-shape stones to deny even liking them a little (not that they should give that any thought; haters gonna hate, right?), I’m wondering if a mega-celebrity like Gaga flaunting the stone is what it will take for us to see a resurgence in the cut’s popularity. Visit a jewelry store and you’ll likely see row upon row of round brilliants, cushion cuts, princess cuts, and a few marquise stones sprinkled in—you get the picture. How long until we see more hearts, if we, in fact, do? What is it that we love about Stefani Germanotta’s ring so much? Is it the (enviable) size? Sweet detail on the band? The fact that it was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, and everything that she touches is pretty much amazing? All of those things.

I like the heart-shape cut. I lean toward something more classic for my left hand, but I’d sport a heart-shape stone all day long on the fashion (right) hand of both the diamond and colored stone variety. I’m interested to find out if you see more customers coming in looking for the cut and if they’re requesting it for bridal or other types of wear. What do you think: Does Lady Gaga have the power to influence your next most popular diamond cut, or is it all just a bad romance?

If you do get requests, consider these heart-shape rings. Did I mention how awesome the heart looks in a fancy diamond or colored stone, too?

By Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace Manager

Source JCK Online