Welcome to the new www.rubel-menasche.com website!

Marianne Riou

Today marks the launch of the new version of the Rubel & Ménasché website. It is modern, easy to read and full of energy. Like the company, it is constantly evolving and improving. Naturally, it continues to present the high-end services offered by the diamond company as well as the latest news from the diamond, fine jewellery and prestige watch industries – all good news, we hope! We took this opportunity to ask Stephan Wolzok, who has been CEO of Rubel & Ménasché since 2011, a few questions and find out how the company has developed over the last three years.

– Why have you produced a third version of the www.rubel-menasche.com website launched in 2012?

At Rubel & Ménasché, we believe that once we’ve completed something good, it’s time to do over it again, and do it even better. We start again with nothing, so that we can see how we would approach the task if we were coming into it fresh. This is our approach to our work in general – we reassess constantly, and take nothing as a given.

In my opinion, the simpler we make the presentation and the language of the website, the more easily we will get our message across. The new version of the www.rubel-menasche.com website has been created on this basis.

– What makes Rubel & Ménasché different from other diamond companies? What are your strengths?

The very specific method we use to sort loose diamonds and the excellent service we offer are what makes us different. They equip us to meet the expectations of high-end clients including some of the top names in Swiss prestige watches and the French and American jewellery industries. Looking more closely, I’d say the fact that we can offer the regular supply of ½ dimensions our customers are looking for, and in bulk too, is a definite strength. Specialising in supplying small loose diamonds means concentrating on polishing and sorting, and also having sufficient capital to produce the polished in large quantities. It is no exaggeration at all to say that we currently hold a stock of 100,000 carats.

To my mind, our strength lies in listening to our clients and understanding what they want. I never question the colour or quality clients request. We deliver exactly what they ask for.

We think ahead too however – if for any reason a product is likely to be difficult to source, we let the client know in advance. I feel it is important that we advise clients and build up long-term partnerships and projects with them. We now have the maturity we need as a company to put forward large-scale projects.

– And on that subject, what has changed at Rubel & Ménasché in three years?

Since Géraldine Sakon, our Operations Director, joined us in July 2013, we have completely reorganised the company. We have implemented new procedures and taken on new skilled staff. Today I can say “our company is doing well“.

Given the current state of the market, our success is undoubtedly due to our niche positioning. The goods we sell are very specific, but we source them directly.

Finally, and this is important, we are still strengthening our relationships with our clients and developing long-term projects. We’re constantly seeking to strike the right balance.

In my role as CEO, I’m a bit like the conductor of an orchestra: it’s up to me to make sure the company runs smoothly. I’m also responsible for making sure the company operates according to its principles – if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and simple methods work best.
Rubel & Ménasché has been in business for 60 years, and I’ve been in the diamond trade for 34. We’ve always believed in continual improvement, being open to change and passing on our knowledge, to both our staff and our clients.

– Why this constant drive to innovate and improve your services?

Manufacturing workshops have changed enormously over the last five years. Many of them are cutting-edge. It is important for us to keep up and innovate. We work with the top names, so we have to raise ourselves up to their level.

We’ve developed our niche market, supplying large quantities of small loose diamonds, and that’s what has made us successful. All of our manufacturing is carried out in China. Our main markets are Europe, Switzerland and the USA.

– What do you think of the current state of the diamond market, and in particular the issues surrounding rough prices and profit margins?

It’s difficult to understand and follow the market today. Manufacturers are obviously not making enough profit from their work. The large gem producers fix rough prices, and in their opinion a profit margin of around 3% on turnover is sufficient recompense for the work we do! Let me make one thing clear – we cannot produce quality on a profit margin of 3%. We take our time over our work, and we do what needs to be done to produce quality goods. We offer a bespoke service and we develop robust solutions for each of our clients. Given everything we do, I think our work warrants better pay.

Rubel & Ménasché offers quality service – that is what we are about.