Watch: What will 2022 bring?

Michelle Graff

Sherry Smith, Peter Smith and Edahn Golan join Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff and try to answer the question, how long will the party last?

The year 2021 blew any expectations people might have had right out of the water. 

Jewelry sales in the U.S. alone reached new highs, topping $90 billion for the year, with diamond and Rolex sales especially strong.

As the jewelry industry kicks off another year, the question on everybody’s mind seems to be: How long do you think it’s going to last? 

For the latest episode of “My Next Question,” Editor-in-Chief Michelle Graff was joined by three guests who attempted to provide answers: The Edge Retail Academy’s Sherry Smith, Memoire and Hearts On Fire President Peter Smith, and industry analyst Edahn Golan.

The four of them discussed the reasons behind the industry’s stellar performance in 2021 and shared predictions for 2022.

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Source National Jeweler