Watch: 100 years of engagement rings in 3 minutes

Michelle Graff

Looking for something new to watch that’s fun and fast (and less controversial than “Uncut Gems”)? 

Hulu is currently streaming a series of (very) short films from Condé Nast-owned magazine Glamour called “100 Years of Fashion.”

The episodes are two to five minutes each and take viewers through 10 decades of trends and style evolutions in women’s fashion, from bridesmaids’ dresses to jeans to workplace wear, from the 1920s to today.

Episode No. 15 focuses on engagement rings and wedding dress styles.

It starts out by noting that engagement rings became a “widely accepted custom” in the 1900s, before showing the Art Deco style popular in the ‘20s, the floral-inspired designs of the 1940s and the styles of the 1980s, when pear-shaped diamonds set in yellow gold were “all the rage.”

The episode ends with 2016, with a ring featuring a cushion-cut diamond and the now-ubiquitous halo.

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Source National Jeweler