US lab creates 6ct. CVD synthetic


WD Lab Grown Diamonds has created and sold a round, 6-carat synthetic diamond that it claims is the first of its size and shape made using the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. 
We’re excited about our new world record for round lab-grown diamonds,” said Clive Hill, founder and chairman at WD Lab Grown Diamonds. “This 6-carat white diamond would price similarly to a 3.5-carat mined diamond with the same quality. Consumers have the opportunity to get much more diamond for the same money, [which is] a top reason why they choose lab-grown diamonds.”

The company created the stone in its laboratory in Washington, DC, where it is working to grow larger CVD synthetics, it said. WD Lab Grown Diamonds supplies synthetic stones to the retail and industrial markets.

Source Rapaport