UAE nominates Maryam Al Hashemi for KP Committee Position

Albert Robinson

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the 2016 KP Chair, has nominated Maryam Al Hashemi, the UAE KP Director, as the 2017 Chair of the Committee of Participation and Chairmanship (CPC) of the Kimberley Process. The Committee on Participation and Chairmanship assists the Chair of the Kimberley Process in handling the admission of new participants and advises if a participant fails to comply with requirements which can lead to their removal from the scheme. It also reviews and assesses candidates for the position of Vice-Chair. The Committee’s findings are presented at the KP’s Plenary meeting held in the middle of the year.

The Committee on Participation and Chairmanship is made up of previous KP Chairs, representatives of the WDC and Civil Society Coalition. The previous year’s KP Chair becomes CPC Chair the following year. The UAE was KP Chair in 2016, while Australia is the Chair during 2017.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem said: “As someone who understands the necessity of constantly evolving in line with the various sectors and markets to stay ahead of the curve, Maryam is an ideal person to bring forward this important work which involves bringing on board new participants and observers to continue the excellent goals of the Kimberley Process“.

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