Tiffany launching new men’s jewelry, accessories this fall

Ashley Davis

Tiffany & Co. will release a slew of men’s products under the new moniker—wait for it—“Tiffany Men’s.”

Under the Tiffany Men’s umbrella are two new collections: “Tiffany 1837 Makers,” a nod to the American jewelry house’s founding that year, and “Diamond Point.”

Tiffany describes the ranges as being “bold and confident, casual yet refined,” geared toward the modern man but with an emphasis on craft and tradition.

Tiffany Men’s is centered on craftsmanship as the foundation of our company,” Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff said in a press release. “Tiffany 1837 Makers is a nod to the workmanship and time-honored techniques used in creating jewelry—the idea that there’s a person behind each object.”

Tyffany_Mens_Tiffany Makers 1837

The company said Tiffany 1837 Makers was inspired by its long practice of handcrafting sports trophies, as well as its hollowware workshop. The collection’s hero piece is a made-to-order trophy ring, an homage to the tradition.

Allusions to the brand’s heritage also come in the form of stamped symbols reading “T & CO MAKERS,” “NY” and “AG925.” The last is a nod to the content of sterling silver—925 parts out of 1,000—, the standard which Tiffany helped establish in the United States.

The Diamond Point collection, meanwhile, features a graphic diamond-shape pattern, employed either as a design accent or a “prominent overlay” in jewelry and accessories, from a sterling silver rectangle pendant and cuff to a lead crystal and sterling silver cocktail shaker.

Most of the Diamond Point jewelry is die struck and hand polished.

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Photo © Tiffany.