The jewelry industry unites to support local retailers during COVID-19

Jeweler Support Network

Press release – The Jeweler Support Network, made up of leading industry bodies, was created to assist independent and family-owned jewelry businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on communities and local businesses across the country, leading jewelry industry organizations have joined forces to form the Jeweler Support Network to provide assistance to independent jewelers. 

In the US, local jewelry stores and retailers, many of which are family-owned for generations, comprise a large and important aspect of the retail industry.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt small business around the country, and as counties and states enforce lockdowns, the livelihood of local jewelers is at stake. With many storefronts temporarily shut, some small businesses can still rely on the support of their customers and local efforts to engage in online purchases or remote deliveries, but many are closed altogether.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created not just a global health crisis but also an economic crisis, particularly for small businesses across the country. Local, family-owned jewelry stores have been hit hard and need our support,” said David Kellie, CEO of the Diamond Producers Association. “The industry needs to come together to help sustain independent jewelers through this tough time, ensuring they survive and can continue to be an important service to the local community.”

The Jeweler Support Network will work to provide support and resources to local jewelers, as well as information for consumers through key initiatives, including:

  • A consumer website to further provide information on the importance of local jewelers and supporting small businesses; and
  • A trade website to give retailers a one-stop portal for free assets created by the Network to educate and support retailers in this difficult time.
  • As retailers start to reopen for business, create advertising campaigns to reinforce the values of independent jewelers in their local communities

As part of the awareness campaign, retailers will be invited to submit stories as to how they’re innovating to continue to serve customers.

Industry bodies participating in the Jeweler Support Network include:

  • American Gem Society
  • Diamond Council of America
  • Diamonds Do Good
  • Diamond Producers Association
  • JCK / Reed Jewelry Group
  • Jewelers of America
  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • National Jeweler
  • Responsible Jewellery Council
  • US Jewelry Council
  • Women’s Jewelry Association

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