Interview Stephan Wolzok

Victoire Bronner

« We aim to provide a quality source of information that brings real added value to our readers »

What was your initial motivation for creating your own newsletter in 2012?

My initial motivation was a desire to share the various articles I read daily with my colleagues. Often, at the end of the day, I would send them a selection of the most interesting readings. Eventually, I decided to give a larger scope to this exchange by creating a newsletter, in order to benefit a wider audience.

Eleven years after its creation, our goal remains unchanged: we aim to provide a quality source of information that brings real added value to our readers. We want to help them stay informed about the latest trends, technological advancements, market developments, and major industry challenges. Over the years, we have refined our approach to design a newsletter that is both rich in information and enjoyable to read.

The essence of our project, which was simple at first, has evolved into an essential and appreciated information tool for our readers.

What were the key determining factors that led to our recent decision to modernize our newsletter?

Isn’t change and self-questioning the best way to stay alert and light ? This reflects who we are. Then, our commitment to our readers played a key role in this decision. We wanted to continue offering them an attractive and enriching newsletter. Additionally, we felt the need to rethink the design of the newsletter to make it more enjoyable to browse and in line with our identity.

Finally, we wanted to improve navigation for our readers. We added new sections to allow them to quickly find the topics that interest them the most. We wanted to make the newsletter more user-friendly and tailored to their needs.

In summary, our decision to modernize our newsletter stems from our desire to stay at the forefront of all the projects we undertake.

Can you give us specific examples of content that our readers will find in the different sections of the newsletter ?

Our readers will find a variety of content in the different sections.

For example, the “Market” section will include in-depth analysis of diamond market trends, price changes, emerging demands, and economic factors influencing the industry.

Interviews and Expert Features” will highlight influential voices in the industry and provide in-depth information.

The “Sustainability” section will address sustainability issues, in which we are all involved, highlighting initiatives and practices aimed at preserving our environment. In line with our CSR policy, we will cover topics such as traceability, ethical certification, nature protection, and social measures, showcasing expertise.

In addition to these key topics, we will share news about major industry events, jewelry and design trends, as well as stories about rare and exceptional diamonds.

Finally, we will also provide exclusive information about our company, showcasing our recent achievements and ongoing innovative projects, to give our readers a unique insight into our role in the diamond industry.

What are your main sources of information to feed the newsletter ?

We carefully select our sources of information to ensure the reliability and relevance of our newsletter. We rely on specialized publications, sector reports, market studies, and analyses from renowned experts.

In addition to that, we maintain close relationships with industry professionals, researchers, and opinion leaders, allowing us to benefit from their unique perspectives and expertise.

Our rigorous industry monitoring enables us to stay tuned to developments and trends in the diamond world, in order to provide you with reliable and up-to-date information in our newsletter.

Lastly, our “French version” stands out by offering translated international information, thus highlighting accessibility in French. I can confidently say that we are the only ones adopting this approach. Our satisfaction lies entirely in the fact that it brings real comfort to our readers.