Self-Purchasing females choose Tiffany


Tiffany & Co. is the jewelry brand women are most likely to buy for themselves, MVI Marketing found in a survey.

Some 35% of female consumers would spend their money on products from the luxury-jewelry brand, while 22% would buy Pandora, 18% would pick Swarovski and 17% would go for Gucci. Other brands mentioned in the survey included Cartier, Rolex, Alex and Ani, and Tory Burch.

Nearly half of respondents stated they would most likely spend under $400 for their next jewelry purchase, while 15% would shell out between $400 and $699. While only 3% of individuals across a variety of income ranges would spend upward of $6,000 on a piece of jewelry, 14% of women with a household income of more than $200,000 would make a purchase for that amount, MVI noted.

More than two-thirds of self-purchasing women surveyed knew what lab-grown diamonds were, while 25% had not heard of them. Higher-income purchasers were more likely to have come across the term, MVI said. Most respondents were interested in lab-grown diamonds, with 37% saying they wanted to see the stones in person, while 30% were interested in learning more, and 15% would consider buying them. Only 8% of respondents wouldn’t entertain the idea of purchasing synthetics.

When it comes to making a choice between the same style of jewelry featuring a lab-grown stone versus one with a mined diamond, 35% would go for the lab-grown, while 28% would pick natural. Some 37% were unsure which they would choose.

Meanwhile, almost 70% of self-purchasing women said if they were buying an engagement ring with their significant other they would consider a lab-grown diamond because it would save money, while only 13% were opposed to the idea.

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