Second Jewelry Summit scheduled for Tucson


The second Jewelry Industry Summit to advance sustainability and responsible sourcing initiatives will take place January 29 to 30 in Tucson, organizers said.

The forum hopes to build on the inaugural summit held earlier this year in New York where attendees committed to develop numerous project ideas. Those include coordinating various existing standards, researching consumer attitudes about sustainability, and educating sales associates on the issue. Participants also committed to tackle specific supply chain challenges, such as helping gem cutters in developing countries who need education and equipment to avoid silicosis, a disease that occurs from inhaling stone dust.

The upcoming summit, which will precede the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Gemfair, aims to create awareness about the jewelry industry supply chain and responsible sourcing. Among its goals are to assess which programs are effective, review progress made on the initiatives already in place, and to develop a shared vision for sustainable business and responsible sourcing.

The summit’s purpose is “to maintain an industry-wide conversation that invites all stakeholders to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities related to responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry supply chain,” organizers said.

Source Rapaport