Sarine announces opening of first Sarine Technology Lab


Sarine Technologies Ltd has announced the opening of the Sarine Technology Laboratory, the first in the company’s network of advanced, automated gemological labs.

The Sarine Technology Lab will initially offer services in Ramat Gan, Israel, commencing in February. Services will include automated, accurate, consistent, and objective grading of a polished diamond’s Clarity and Color, based on Sarine’s breakthrough artificial intelligence-based technologies. The lab will offer diamond authentication (simulant, natural or synthetic, treated) and 4Cs grading, all using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The automated grading information provided by Sarine Labs will be integrated into the Sarine Profile™ digital diamond report. Sarine Profile™ reports are customizable and may contain a combination of diamond information, including the new 4Cs and diamond detection, as well as light performance, imaging, Hearts and Arrows, and more, according to the customer’s brand identity — all at competitive pricing. The services in Israel will be followed by the opening of a lab in India, planned for May.

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Source Rapaport