Rubel & Ménasché represents French excellence!

Marianne Riou

Rubel & Ménasché has distinguished itself by obtaining the French Living Heritage Company (EPV) label. Honoured for the excellence of its re-cutting workshop, Rubel & Ménasché joined the very closed circle of SMEs that have this label on 28 June 2013. It is a matter of pride for the diamond dealer to fly the flag for French artistic craft!

Awarded by the French state, the Living Heritage Company label was officially attributed to Rubel & Ménasché on 28 June in recognition of the know-how and procedures put in place more than 15 years ago by the French diamond merchant. Located on Rue de la Paix, Rubel & Ménasché intends to perpetuate the professions of diamond merchant and cutter across French territory at the very highest level of performance.

A long audit of the SME was a pre-requisite to the award of this distinction:
“The quality of the industrial procedures implemented within our business as well as the excellent know-how of the cutters in our re-cutting workshop, which was created in 2005 on the request of our clients, the largest jewellers on Place Vendôme, are recognised thanks to this EPV label, reveals Christophe L’Hoir, Chief Technical Manager at Rubel & Ménasché. “We are committed to maintaining extremely meticulous methods of artisanal work in keeping with the cutting and re-cutting techniques of the greatest artisanal cutters. Each and every diamond that is re-cut here, adapted through absolute precision to the pieces of finest jewellery entrusted to us, requires many hours of work. Every movement counts.”

Over the almost 8 years that the re-cutting workshop has existed, Rubel & Ménasché has trained numerous cutters in house: “We are now the last workshop in France training cutters to such a high level of expertise. Today the workshop has a cutter with the title of “Best Craftsman in France” (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and two cutters who are competing for this title next year. We are proud to have trained cutters who consistently demonstrate exceptional quality of work and technical skills within other cutting and re-cutting workshops. We attach great importance to perpetuating and transmitting this French know-how – in France! – in the professions of diamond dealer and cutter.” continues Christophe L’Hoir.

The Living Heritage Company label, a distinction awarded for 5 years, also allows Rubel & Ménasché to measure the progress it has made over the past 15 years in the implementation of gem-packaging techniques and industrial-scale sorting procedures. “We sell very high-end diamonds.” concludes Christophe L’Hoir. “Our service and our performance must be in harmony.”

Find out more about the Living Heritage Company Label, awarded by Sylvia Pinel, French Minister for Artisan Businesses and Fleur Pellerin, French Minister for SMEs