RJC to develop lab-grown standards


The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is creating new guidelines for the industry’s use of lab-grown materials, the group said Thursday [September 23].

The rules — which will cover synthetic diamonds and gemstones — aim to establish best practices, including a requirement for full disclosure when jewelers use any lab-grown material in their products.

The new standard will be separate from the organization’s regular code of practices, since lab-grown goods carry a different risk profile than natural products, the RJC explained.

Setting a standard for [lab-grown materials]…is all about consumer confidence,” said RJC executive director Iris Van der Veken. “This standard will provide a clear, robust framework not only for manufacturers and retailers, but also for reassuring customers that the manufacturers and sellers of [these materials] follow rigorous processes that ensure the credibility and transparency of their operations.

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Source Rapaport

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