RapNet members reject idea of listing lab-grown diamonds

Michelle Graff

RapNet members overwhelmingly rejected the idea of the trading platform listing or providing pricing for lab-grown diamonds, it was revealed Sunday.

The Rapaport Group announced May 21 that it was asking registered RapNet members who login to RapNet.com to vote on providing diamond listing and pricing services for lab-grown diamonds.

Voting opened May 26 and closed Friday, May 31. More than 7,000 votes were cast and the results were announced during the annual Rapaport Breakfast in Las Vegas.

According to the tallies released Sunday, 79 percent (5,934 voters) of RapNet members who voted said “no” to listing synthetics, compared with only 1,607 people, or 21 percent, who said yes, a result that drew a hearty round of applause from the audience.

A similar percentage, 74 percent (5,232 voters), rejected the idea of Rapaport launching a lab-grown diamond price list.

RapNet voters also overwhelmingly (88 percent, or 5,892 voters) said “yes” to requiring disclosure of treatments on man-made diamonds and to the establishment of a “natural diamond organization (85 percent, or 5,528 voters).

Prior to announcing the results of the voting, Rapaport Group Chairman Martin Rapaport used much of his annual two-hour breakfast to express his views on man-made diamonds, echoing what he wrote in an editorial published May 21, Synthetics Ethics.”

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Source National Jeweler