Marlon Brando’s Rolex from ‘Apocalypse Now’ up for auction

Brecken Branstrator

Another watch from the archive of films featuring Academy Award winner Marlon Brando will be up for auction this winter.

On Dec. 10 the Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 worn by the actor in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” will be part of the Phillips New York “Game Changers” sale. The thematic auction is dedicated to watches once owned by people considered game changers in their field.

Released in August 1979, “Apocalypse Now” is seen as one of Coppola’s greatest accomplishments as well as one of Brando’s most iconic performances.

In it, he played the role of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, a former Green Beret who goes rogue running his own military unit in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Brando said he wore the watch, manufactured in 1972, to the set in the Philippines and was told he had to remove it during film because it would stand out.

Brando argued: “If they’re looking at my watch, then I’m not doing my job as an actor.”

He said the filmmakers let him wear the watch, but he decided to remove the bezel, resulting in its unique look.

It also features an engraving on the caseback, “M. Brando,” hand-engraved by Brando himself.

In 1995, Brando gave the watch to his daughter, Petra Brando Fischer, as she was getting ready to head to law school at the University of Southern California.

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