Lucara recovers gem-quality blue, pink diamonds

Ashley Davis

Lucara announced this week the recovery of two large, gem-quality colored diamonds. 
The diamond miner found a 9.74-carat “exceptional” blue diamond, as well as a 4.13-carat pink diamond at the Karowe mine’s south lobe, according to a news release.

Lucara owns the Karowe mine, located in Botswana, in its entirety.

CEO Eira Thomas said the latest noteworthy diamond finds would be for sale at the miner’s fourth-quarter tender, slated for December.

She stated: “Lucara is extremely pleased with the recovery of these rare, sizeable, fancy colored diamonds, which have the potential to contribute meaningful value to our regular production of large, high-value type IIa diamonds.

Karowe is known for producing some of the world’s largest diamonds on record, including the second largest rough ever found,the Lesedi la Rona, which was purchased by Graff Diamonds.

Another large blue diamond was in the headlines this week, as Petra Diamonds Ltd. announced the recovery of a 20.08-carat blue rough from the Cullinan mine in South Africa.

Source National Jeweler