Louis Vuitton Jewelry LV Diamonds Collection

Isabelle Hossenlopp

Louis Vuitton Jewelry LV Diamonds Collection

Illustrating the forces of attraction that unite diamonds and Louis Vuitton jewelry, the new LV Diamonds collection, designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, celebrates the universal aura of diamonds, expressed through an exclusive cut – the LV Monogram Star – specially created for the Maison. In an innovative move, the collection offers a digital certificate for each diamond, introducing a new standard of excellence when it comes to traceability.

The “LV Monogram Star”: a revolutionary cut

The LV Diamonds collection combines the epic story of the Earth with the vibrancy of an inimitable signature to glorify the universal aura of diamonds and their ability to illuminate life’s most beautiful moments. It’s a unique story told by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Jewelry and Watches, who has placed the LV seal on this alluring precious stone with a revolutionary and exclusive cut, dubbed the LV Monogram Star. This cut is inspired by the Monogram flower that sprung from Georges Vuitton’s imagination in 1896.

“No one had ever produced a cut of this size before. They wouldn’t have dreamed of it” says Louis Vuitton Jewelry and Watches’ Artistic Director. “Even if you look at the stone from a distance, you instantly recognize the essence of the Louis Vuitton universe”. It was a challenge that required several years of research and development. To achieve optimum brilliance and the perfect symmetry demanded by the four petals and four indentations of an LV Monogram Star diamond, rare crafts – including grooving – were called upon, contributing in turn to the Maison’s strong desire to preserve expertise. The orientation of each of the 53 carefully cut and hand-polished facets (compared with 57 for a traditional brilliant-cut diamond) is designed for maximum light capture.


Borrowing its shape from the starry Monogram flower, the LV Monogram Star diamond is illuminated by an initial line of solitaires, also available in brilliant-cut diamonds, while the letter V breathes vitality into the platinum ring body as it develops clear lines, with the bezel delicately representing a Monogram flower. Chiseled in gold or platinum, wedding rings whose profiles discreetly evoke the Maison’s initial also give pride of place to the stone, with the diamond shining like a talisman on the skin. Rounding out the collection is a double LV Monogram Star ring that explores new graphic territories and displays its timeless architectural audacity.

A symbol of shared emotion and a monument to achievement, the diamond shines across a complete line of 22 contemporary creations. A set of sparkling rings with a whole range of accumulated features help transform the Art Deco V that Gaston-Louis Vuitton emblazoned on his bags into a sculptural ornament. Rings in pink or white gold offer a nod to the iconic damier motif via a clever play of contrasts. White gold pendants and earrings illustrate the architectural power of the LV Monogram Star diamond, while their double versions create a dialogue between abstraction and figuration under the banner of light and energy.

The Louis Vuitton Diamond Certificate

Louis Vuitton can provide a digital certificate with each diamond using technology developed by the Aura Blockchain Consortium, allowing the LV Diamonds collection to extend and reaffirm the Maison’s commitments. This certificate introduces a new standard of transparency in the natural diamond industry by enabling every owner of a Louis Vuitton diamond to follow the precious stone’s journey, step by step, from its country of extraction – illustrated by a photo of the gem in its rough state – to the store. It is an innovative approach that lives up to Louis Vuitton’s reputation for excellence.

Still life images: Laziz HamaniExpertise images: Piotr Stoklosa Modelled images: Annemarieke Von Drimmelen

Source Louis Vuitton press