Hari Krishna exports rolls out incentives for employees


Press Release – Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. organized an incentive program, followed by a dinner, for its employees from  Surat and Mumbai  on October 19, 2014. Such an event is one of the first in the diamond industry, where cars, flats, foreign trips and SIva Collection-Kisna Diamond Jewelry were rewarded to employees with outstanding performance and 100 percent attendance.

In Surat, the incentives included 424 Fiat Punto cars, 207 apartment flats and 570 SIva Collection-Kisna Diamond Jewelry to 1,201 employees from the manufacturing unit. The incentives were rolled out in a way to disperse flats to those who didn’t own one but already owned a car and Fiats were handed  to those who didn’t own a car but  already had a flat. Lastly, those who had both were given Kisna Diamond Jewelry.

In Mumbai 86 employees were rewarded as well, which included foreign trips with their families and SIva Collection-Kisna Diamond Jewelry.

All our dreams have come true only through our workers. A target was set for all the employees and they have achieved it. This is a big day for the entire Hari Krishna family. Today all these employees of the company have strengthened the fundamental moral of the company and of the diamond industry proving to the world that they are capable of fulfilling their dreams. The company’s growth lies in the employee’s dedication toward their work by giving it their heart and soul, 100 percent, and to further motivate and encourage them, the company rewarded them,” said the company owner, Savji Dholakia.

By Hari Krishna Exports

Source Rapaport